3d visualisations


In the digital world it becomes more and more important to visualize your products. In the past it was the actual product that you could feel and touch. In this new digital world not anymore ….

Chaircreator App


A great success, the first furniturestore App in the Netherlands, the Chair Creator! Retailers can select and compose the chair together with the customer. Want to see? Try the online version of the Chaircreator.


mijn illy

Mijn iIly webshop


illycaffè the Netherlands has a B2B webshop based on Magento.
For customers of illycaffè it is a very simple  and easy way to place their orders.

Swan-Products website and app

For Swan Products we have made a new website based on the complete productcatalogue. Linked to this website there are external systems that give the possibility ..

eDetect, collective security

We developed a digital security network with corresponding app. Together wit Alert Security who supplies the central ARC
we join together business and retailers with the municipality, the police and firebrigade.


We are the strategic partner for our customers. We help them set the right goals in order to achieve the growth they want to accomplish for themselves. This is mainly done within the digital economy which for itself has grown the last decade and will continue to grow in the future.
But how to make sense of all the internet jargon and let alone understand where there are the opportunities and threats in the digital world.
Well, that is just our strength. To explain all of this to you in a crystal clear manner. And to help you translate it for your strategic goals.

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If you whish we can make a strategyplan for your company. This is a good method to put your companies marketingtechnology into perspective. As outsider we will put world wide digital developments next to your companies digital experience and let them see to you. By doing so structures and relations within your company are looked at from a different angle and this can be helpfull.
For a conversation free of charge, mail or call us.


Our clients experience growth! All our clients were not bothered by the last economic crisis. We ourselves are also quite proud of that result. And this is because we are innovating together with our clients. The digital economy is eminently suitable for trying and evolvement. “You try cheap and fail fast”.

For little costs you can work out ideas and try them. If the ideas don’t succeed you will notice it fast. And if it works, it is immediately striking! And our clients understand that. If you are in the business of office furniture and had no bother of the crisis and were able to establish a growth of 25%, than you’re doing well. Or you’re selling cables and chains, nowadays throughout Europe and you have to build a new building three times as large, than you are doing well. Or you’re in consumer electronics and had all through the years of crisis growthpercentages of 5 to 10%, than you’re doing excellent.

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Digital Marketing

What it all brings together for you are growth, turnover and profit. Changes for these are revolutionised because of the digital economy. We can measure and quantify everything nowadays. Up to the individual level. We see where your customers come from. From e-mail newsletters, the fysical shop, the webshop, banners, Google, advertisements, social media, etcetera. And we immediately see whether it works and if the investment is worthwhile. Will we continue this, do we expand or stop it? If there is no yield than we can quickly invest into something else. We can even work towards an optimum so all marketing efforts have there maximum yield. This makes digital marketing something unique and it is a perfect new way to improve turnover, profit and growth.

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Over the next few years Geeks in Marketing will become one of the most disruptive forces in a discipline that traditionally was driven by big creative personalities.

Michael Fassnacht

President , FCB Chicago (2006)

Wendrich strategisch advies voor marketing innovatie en marketing technologie digitale marketing webwinkels websites en datakoppelingen

Marketing Technology

The increasing digitisation of the economy, trade and society as a whole, makes it more complex for your company. Most certainly when it comes to the making of a website, webshops and other digital marketing efforts for your products or services.
It seems that you no longer can’t do without the jargon. And you are dependent of the correctness of advices and the trust in the people that sit opposite of you. A very real problem for which we can reassure you. Wendrich is there since 1967, almost fifty years. Because of our roots in advertising we also know what is necessary for you to succeed in the digital economy.
We already started with that in 1998. That is almost twenty years now. And our customers stay with us, and for long periods. We have customers who are with us for 35 years and they are still going strong. Our first customer with a webshop has now made the fourth version of the shop and is still steadily growing the business.

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“You are our business advisors”


Swan-Products is a wholesale company for office furniture and a customer with us since 2006.  This year they experienced an annual growth of 25% compared to last year.

Robert de Jong

CEO, Swan Products

“We now even delivered products in South-Korea!”

Louis Ruys is an importer and wholesale in chains and cables and a customer with us since 2008. From that time on they tripled there turnover because of there internet presence.

Martin de Lange

CEO, Louis Ruys


In our time of big shifts we can make the difference. Our company is there to bring out the innovative power of your company and with that let’s you grab the great opportunities of today.


Because of our many years of experience we know what is important for your customer. A customer who is ever so difficult to find, address and to keep. Our new economy never stops. And so are we. And how about you?


The new economy is a digital economy and is omnipresent. And that is therefore important for every company. Together we can create your perfect solution in the field of marketingtechnology.

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