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Seamless Textile Ordering: How Dintex’s Partner Portal Elevated Customer Experience

Dintex is a leading wholesaler in textiles, providing high-quality products to large national and international companies, governmental agencies, and more. With a rich history in the industry, Dintex has been a valued client of ours for several years. Our collaboration has led to some remarkable projects that have significantly enhanced their business operations and customer experience.

Project 1:

Partner Portal Development:

One of our key projects with Dintex involved creating a cutting-edge partner portal. This portal streamlined the ordering process for their customers and resellers. Through the portal, customers and resellers can easily access a comprehensive range of textiles, featuring various colors, sizes, and specifications. Thanks to this portal, Dintex’s large-scale clients can conveniently order products while ensuring they meet specific requirements, such as washing temperatures and fabric details. The partner portal is seamlessly integrated with Dintex’s ERP system, automating order processing and enabling customers to maintain their unique pricing, rebates, and tiers.

Project 2:

Open Catalogue Connector:

Understanding the diverse needs of their customers, we developed an innovative open catalogue connector. This connector allowed Dintex to integrate with various procurement systems utilized by some of their customers. By doing so, Dintex gained a competitive edge, as it facilitated effortless ordering for different branches of organizations with centralized invoice management. This streamlined approach to procurement enhanced efficiency and strengthened their business relationships.

Project 3:

Migration to Magento 2 and Website Redesign:

To ensure Dintex remains at the forefront of technology and customer experience, we assisted them in migrating their system to Magento 2. This upgrade brought forth enhanced features and improved performance. The new website design offers a modern, user-friendly interface that allows customers to browse seamlessly and place orders with ease. Integrating the new platform with their ERP system further streamlined their operations, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

Client Stats:

Dintex has been a pioneer in the textile wholesale industry. Over the years, they have grown into a sizable business, serving numerous prestigious national and international clients and partnering with governmental agencies. Their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has made them a prominent player in the market.

As a testament to our strong partnership, Dintex has been our esteemed client for over 10 years. Our collaboration has allowed them to leverage the power of technology to achieve their business goals and deliver exceptional service to their clients.

Dintex owes a great deal of its success to the exceptional work of our partners. Wendrich have been instrumental in developing solutions that revolutionized our operations and delighted our customers. Their expertise in web development is unmatched, and we look forward to continuing this successful journey together.

Mr. G. Wilms

CEO, Dintex

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