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illy – Brewing Success with Bespoke Digital Solutions

At the heart of our collaboration with illy, a global leader in coffee, lies the shared passion for leveraging technology to enhance customer experiences and drive business growth. Since 2012, we have provided a host of tailored digital solutions for this coffee magnate that truly reflect the sophistication and efficiency of their brand.

Project 1:

B2B Ordering System

Our first project was a custom-made ordering system for illy’s business-to-business (B2B) clientele. Developed on a Magento 1 webshop, this system was ingeniously linked to illy’s global ERP system, JD Edwards. Despite being rooted in Italy, the system’s effectiveness resonates worldwide. It has not just become a critical part of their business model, but a conduit for their global success.

illy’s hospitality clients found exceptional value in our platform, appreciating the freedom to place orders in off-business hours. The convenience of early morning or late-night orders was a game-changer, leading to an impressive tripling of the revenue via the platform.

Project 2:

Comprehensive Customer Tracking System

We further expanded our collaboration with illycaffè by introducing a robust system to track customers and potential leads. Our platform provides a comprehensive dossier for each customer, pooling all relevant information gathered through forms. It even houses all customer communications and service requests, making it an all-encompassing customer management tool. Armed with this wealth of knowledge, illy’s salespeople can tailor their engagement strategies according to each customer’s unique profile and service status.

Project 3:

B2B Platform Upgrade and Redesign

Recently, we revamped illy’s entire B2B platform on a Magento 2 environment, once again linked to their JD Edwards ERP system. This project involved a complete redesign of the order flow, minimizing the steps required to restock. The result is an even more intuitive and user-friendly platform.
Simultaneously, we introduced front-end marketing funnels to augment illy’s new customer acquisition efforts. These are meticulously crafted to cater to specific market segments, industries, and businesses, thus expanding their reach and influence in the global coffee market.

A Snapshot

Founded in 1933, illy is an esteemed Italian coffee brand with a presence in more than 140 countries. Their operations span across an expansive chain of coffee houses, retail shops, and B2B customers, making their team a force of over 1,300 employees worldwide.

illy has been a valued client of ours since 2012. Over the past decade, our partnership has grown stronger, as has their business. From improving order management and enhancing customer relationships to boosting their global outreach, our bespoke digital solutions have played an instrumental role in their success story.

The platforms and systems we’ve built with Wendrich have been integral in growing our B2B client base and enhancing our customer relationships. Their innovative solutions have not only streamlined our operations but also significantly boosted our revenues

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