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Wendrich and Louis Ruys: A Story of Transformation 

At Wendrich Digital Agency, we have been privileged to work with Louis Ruys, a distinguished wholesale company in chains and cables, since 2006. Founded in 1904, Louis Ruys’ long history of quality and service in the industry is a testament to their adaptability and resilience. Our partnership has spanned over 17 years, delivering innovative and growth-driving solutions tailored specifically for their needs. 

Building the Magento One Website 

Our first venture with Louis Ruys was the creation of their Magento One website. We designed the platform to be intuitive and user-friendly, offering products in a transparent and accessible manner. Our website development also included an integration with Exact ERP software, enabling streamlined quote requests and faster response times. This integration led to an exceptional surge in Louis Ruys’ overall revenue, which has tripled since the website’s inception. 

Automating Catalogue Creation 

The subsequent project was a game-changer: we developed a fully automated catalogue creator. This innovation supplanted the painstaking manual process of catalogue creation. By utilizing data directly from the Magento site, the system could create a comprehensive print catalogue, featuring over 300 pages with detailed product tables and page headers. The catalogue could be directly printed from the PDF files we generated, making it an efficient and time-saving solution. 

Previous Magento 1 webshop

Establishing a
Corporate Identity

Alongside our digital efforts, we helped solidify Louis Ruys’ corporate identity by creating their logo and designing corporate stationery, such as business cards. These designs not only encapsulated Louis Ruys’ ethos but also provided a consistent and professional image to their stakeholders. 

Upgrading to
Magento 2

In recent years, we migrated their website to Magento 2, a platform offering enhanced functionality and performance. This upgrade allowed customers to make direct online purchases, further boosting Louis Ruys’ revenue stream. These orders now feed directly into the ERP system, making the process seamless and efficient. Moreover, the website offers a personalized shopping experience, where customers can customize their products according to their unique requirements.

Enhancing the Catalogue

Post the Magento 2 upgrade, we also improved the catalogue creator, making it compatible with the new platform. This new catalogue is available in dual languages – English and Dutch. Furthermore, we redesigned all technical drawings in the company’s brand colors, converting them into scalable SVG files, ensuring crystal-clear visuals both online and in print. 

Wendrich Digital Agency has been instrumental in modernizing our business, delivering innovative and tailored solutions that have significantly enhanced our market competitiveness. Their commitment to driving growth and understanding our unique requirements sets them apart.

Mr. M. de Lange

CEO, Louis Ruys

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