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Steigerbuis/Moduworx –
A Tale of Innovative Collaboration

Welcome to our client showcase at Wendrich Digital Agency, where we shine a light on the fruits of our partnerships and the exciting work we’ve accomplished together.

Client Introduction

Steigerbuis/Moduworx is a visionary company specializing in designing and manufacturing anything from tubing, providing their customers the ability to create their unique products. They’ve grown to become a significant force in the modular DIY furniture industry since they’ve started, with a dedicated team of professionals.

Design Tool

Our first notable project with Steigerbuis/Moduworx was the development of an innovative design tool. This cutting-edge application made it possible for both the company and their customers to construct virtually any structure from tubing. With this tool, we ensured each piece of tubing was accurately measured and every connector accounted for, significantly reducing the potential for errors. The design tool served as a detailed blueprint, simplifying the assembly process for customers constructing their designs at home.

Webshop Integration and 3D Viewer

Building on the success of the design tool, we integrated it into Steigerbuis/Moduworx’s webshop. The tool was employed to predefine frequently ordered products, ensuring their consistent availability for customers. We then introduced a 3D viewer into the mix, allowing customers to visualize their potential product, adjust dimensions, and ultimately make informed purchase decisions. This strategic move played a significant role in increasing Steigerbuis/Moduworx’s sales by over 40%.

Awards and Accolades

The revolutionary strides we made with Steigerbuis/Moduworx did not go unnoticed. Our design tool and its integration into their webshop led to Steigerbuis/Moduworx receiving the prestigious PostNL Innovation Award. This accolade was a testament to our combined efforts and the groundbreaking solutions we provided to their business. This award is a cherished victory, not just for Steigerbuis/Moduworx but also for us at Wendrich Digital Agency.

The team at Wendrich Digital Agency truly revolutionized our business. Their innovative solutions, from the design tool to the 3D viewer, took our customer experience to new heights and significantly boosted our sales. We owe our Innovation Award, in no small part, to their extraordinary work.

Mr. B. Brabander

CEO, Steigerbuis / Moduworx

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