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A Comprehensive Overview

Swan-Products is a trailblazer in the wholesale office furniture business. Since our first collaboration with them in 2006, we have transformed their entire brand, revamped their catalogue system, and boosted their online presence, making them one of our most successful and enduring partnerships.

The Catalogue

Our initial collaboration with Swan-Products involved a comprehensive revamp of their catalogue, which had previously been designed by another agency and lacked clarity and a compelling layout. To address this, we implemented an innovative categorization system, effectively dividing their collection into easily navigable sections such as Management, Working, and Meeting. Notably, this forward-thinking approach was swiftly embraced by the entire industry in the Netherlands. Since then, we’ve been diligently updating this 200-page catalogue biennially to ensure it remains a dependable and up-to-date resource for customers.

We also revamped their catalogue to feature custom covers, allowing their dealers to maintain their independent identity while benefiting from Swan-Products’ impressive catalogue.

Branding Redesign

Alongside the catalogue redesign, we breathed new life into Swan-Products’ overall brand. This included refreshing their logo and business design, and creating fresh, sleek designs for their business cards, letters, and more.

Digital Transition & E-commerce

Recognizing the potential of digital transformation, we helped Swan-Products establish an online presence. Starting with an online catalogue, we then built a Magento store to host their products, making it easier for their dealers to sell online. We created around 12-15 Magento webshops for their dealers, fostering digital growth in their business. This strategic move towards e-commerce has led to several of their dealers growing into multi-million euro online stores.

Product Configurator & Visualization

One of Swan-Products’ biggest challenges was managing their vast range of product variations. To address this, we developed a product configurator. This tool helps them easily set up and list products with multiple combinations of options. Furthermore, we created a 3D product visualization model that dynamically changes according to the selected options, giving customers a realistic view of the product.


Swan-Products has been our client for over 17 years. Established in the wholesale office furniture business, their success has grown threefold over the years. From print to digital, catalogues to e-commerce, and branding to product visualization, we’ve been by their side in their evolution. Their successful transition to the digital market is a testament to our shared commitment to growth and innovation.

Working with Wendrich has been a game-changer for us.
Their innovative approach and unwavering support have played a pivotal role in our digital transformation journey. They’ve not just helped us keep up with the times, but stay ahead of it.

Mr. R. De Jong

CEO, Swan Products

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