Our story

Since 1967

In today’s fast-paced economic landscape, adaptation is key. Our company’s 56-year-long journey, punctuated by constant reinvention, perfectly exemplifies this. Established on the 1st of January 1967 by André Wendrich, our company began as an advertising agency in the post-war Dutch city of Rotterdam. After obtaining his education at the Rotterdam academy of art, André channeled his theoretical skills of visual design into one of the largest advertising agencies in the Netherlands. 

Over the years, we have morphed from an advertising bureau into a thriving e-commerce agency, specialized in creating and sustaining a vibrant online presence for our clients. While it may seem like a drastic shift, our current expertise is deeply tied to our roots in two fundamental ways: 

Mastering the Art of Visual Communication 

From André Wendrich’s years of experience applying visual design in the advertising industry, a deep understanding of visual appeal has been embedded into our DNA. Our current digital products are a testament to this enduring legacy, with every design aimed at making your company stand out to consumers and clients. 

Partnering with Clients on their Marketing Journey 

Our ability to forge lasting relationships with our clients has been a critical factor in our success over the years. We have always sought to connect our expertise in advertisement with our clients’ needs, actively working together to devise the best marketing strategies. In today’s digital economy, where change is the only constant, we believe such collaborations will only grow in importance. 

Assisting Clients in their
Digital Transformation

In our transformation into a digital agency, we have been committed to helping our clients make the leap into the digital world. We create custom online tools and solutions, including customer portals, CPQ solutions, digital twin solutions, and visualizations, using the latest technologies to help our clients gain and maintain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

In 1996, André’s son Jeroen Wendrich took over the family business. With his background in business information, he was able to steer the company through the digital revolution. By 1998, we had produced our first web shop, and by 2015, we had fully transitioned into a marketing innovation and technology company, focusing on developing the most suitable online presence for every type of business.

    In 1998, André’s other son Michel Wendrich joined the company, bringing his background in organizational sociology. With his contribution, our company has continued to adapt and thrive in the modern digital economy, while still retaining the values of the family business André Wendrich founded 56 years ago. 

    Our clients …

    The clients of Wendrich are national and international manufacturers, wholesale and purchasing companies.
    We provide for their strategy, business advice up to realizing all necessary means of communication for achieving the growth targets in turnover and profit. We provide both business to business as well as business to consumer communication.

    The same goals

    Our clients stay for a long period, even very long. We have clients for more than 35 years now. Our clients are satisfied, even very satisfied. This is because we put the success of our clients as central focalpoint.
    Because when our clients do well, we are doing well. We have the same goals as your company!

    Superior service

    Our clients tell us that our service is excellent. If you e-mail or call us, we immediately start the work for you. Especially in a 24/7 digital economy your supplier must be ready for you. You do exactly the same with your clients. And so that is what you can expect from us.


    We use two different kinds of general conditions. This is because we deliver graphical as well as digital products and services.

    Graphical Products and Services

    For our graphical products and services we use the conditions of KVGO (Dutch printing industry association). Here you can look at, print or download them as PDF.

    Digital Products and Services

    For our digital products and services we use the conditions of ICT Office (Dutch digital industry association). Here you can look at, print or download them as PDF.

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