Our story

Since 1967

On the 1st of January 1967 André Wendrich started his own business. This was a good idea for an advertising man of formerly working for Tomado, because Tomado wanted to close down its advertising department. And with Tomado as his first client this was a good start! Soon it was followed by staff and own location. Early in the seventies André builds his own complete Studio in Zwijndrecht. With 6 graphic designers and a photostudio with 4 photographers, It soon was one of the larger advertising agencies in the Netherlands at that time.

Marketing Innovation

With the household products of Tomado as the starting point we always had a good understanding of sales channels and consumeradvertising. Throughout the years we worked for many wholesale companies, purchase departments and retail organisations. And with great success! We changed from an advertising agency to a marketing advisory company.
The last 15 years our company has seen that the advisory function has evolved into strategic marketing advice for many of our clients. We are specifically asked to rethink and advise the strategy for our clients the coming years.

Marketing Technology

In 1996 our company moved to Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht after having been based in Rotterdam for 8 years. In the same year André’s son Jeroen took over the family business. Jeroen has a background in business information and with that knowledge he turned the company into a modern internetbusiness. We already made our first webshops in 1998. And 2015 was the year of a complete turnaround of the company into a marketing innovation and technology company.
In 1998 Michel Wendrich joined the company, he has a background in organisational sociology and since then we are a real family business!

Your turnover

Because of the digitalization of our profession we now have the tools to measure the effectiveness for every invested Marketing Euro. With digital marketing we can monitor all media where the client comes from, what he is looking for, what he sees and what he buys. Together with you we will set the goals that you want to achieve. Growth, turnover and profit. You name it, we help you to achieve..

Return On Investment

Marketing costs or investments? Investments must deliver profitability.
These investments must earn back themselves. That is why we do all these digital marketing efforts. And nowadays we can measure it all. With that we can guarantee that you will obtain your goals with the marketingbudget which you invested. That is so special about digital marketing. We measure it, so we know it.

Is it that simple?

This all sounds very clear and there is nothing more to it. We give you a vision and strategy for the medium and long term. This means your investments are certain for the future. Marketing and the related online investments are a mix of products and services. This guarantees the profitability and health of your company in the long term.

Our clients …

The clients of Wendrich are national and international manufacturers, wholesale and purchasing companies.
We provide for their strategy, business advice up to realizing all necessary means of communication for achieving the growth targets in turnover and profit. We provide both business to business as well as business to consumer communication.

The same goals

Our clients stay for a long period, even very long. We have clients for more than 35 years now. Our clients are satisfied, even very satisfied. This is because we put the success of our clients as central focalpoint.
Because when our clients do well, we are doing well. We have the same goals as your company!

Superior service

Our clients tell us that our service is excellent. If you e-mail or call us, we immediately start the work for you. Especially in a 24/7 digital economy your supplier must be ready for you. You do exactly the same with your clients. And so that is what you can expect from us.


We use two different kinds of general conditions. This is because we deliver graphical as well as digital products and services.

Graphical Products and Services

For our graphical products and services we use the conditions of KVGO (Dutch printing industry association). Here you can look at, print or download them as PDF.

Digital Products and Services

For our digital products and services we use the conditions of ICT Office (Dutch digital industry association). Here you can look at, print or download them as PDF.

Clients we work with


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