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3D Visualization & Configuration

3D configuration & visualization

Visual Product Configuration

What you see is what you get. Doing business today is a digital search. And so much so, that the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning raise the question of how business will be organized in the future.

3D configuration & visualization

360 Designtool

The Designtool brings visual 3D configuration to a new level. Not only can you configure a single product, but you can create and configure multiple complex products on your canvas. The possibilities are endless!  

3D configuration & visualization

360 Product Viewer

Are your products available in different colors, sizes, materials or other options? Then this is the real power of this solution. And because the 360 ​​Product Viewer uses 3D models, there is no need for photos of the actual products. Consider what a cost savings this gives! And with the configurator your customers always order exactly the right product!

3D configuration & visualization

Webshop & app

An important reason to opt for 3D visualization is to be able to show the product in all its forms and possibilities. If you visit the site of a car manufacturer, you expect that you can fully configure the car and see exactly what you want and your preferences, with the right color of paint, execution, rims and all other options.

3D visualization


The best part is to place the 3D scanned products in a virtual reality. We make these 3D visualizations especially for printed matter and advertisements. Then we ensure that the right fabric or color comes on the 3D model or the 3D scan. We then create a virtual setting where we place the product, determine the light and the position of the camera and make a 3D render that gives us a “real” picture.

3D configuration & visualization

In Store app

If you want to be able to configure products in an offline environment, it is wise to make an app. Consider, for example, sellers in a store where the WiFi signal is not equally good everywhere. With an app they can serve their customers well and everywhere.


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