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Data links

Data links

This is the essence of the digital economy, because it is the essence of the internet. Everything is available online because everything is connected to eachother. In the meantime we no longer think about it, but we can send everyone an e-mail, find and open all websites. The next step is to share data.

Producers have all product data, because who knows all the ins and outs of the product better than the manufacturer. Instead of the rest of the sales chain copying all of them or retyping them again, the manufacturer can also make the data available to everyone. We also call this Open Data. Our government and also the EU have set up initiatives to promote this. This is an extremely important engine for our economic growth and prosperity.

Content Chain

This is the way your supplier can supply their data and how your customer collects it. Within your company you can also exchange all your information with your accounting and administration. Your company will also supervise and control more processes now, than it actually has to work, generate and import data. However it is important to keep in mind the value that the company now adds to the business chain. In many cases this has changed. With that, the business model also have to change. We assist many of our clients in this process and we can provide tremendous growth. Therefor, please have a talk with our business consultants.

Links for sale

Data for sale

Many software manufacturers, such as Exact, also understand that they must make the data from their software available to others. And certainly for a web store. That is why they encourage parties that develop these types of products on their software. You can just buy them and be done!

Also with companies like Google Adwords, Google Merchant, Bol.com, Kieskeurig, we have made links to get data, but especially to send data to.

 This allows us to create fully automatic Google AdWords and AdSence banner. And together with Re-Marketing we can show someone that product at Google where he looked at you on the site

Of course if you can save FTEs, there are companies that will see a market there. They collect data and this way you can get all that data for a subscription. This is how we work with Kieskeurig and SyndicatePlus. Enter the EAN number and you will get all the data back!


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