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illycaffè the Netherlands has a B2B webshop based on Magento.
For customers of illycaffè it is an easy and very clear way to place there orders. We have renewed the webshop and to full satisfaction.
illycaffè the Netherlands has now asked us to make an internet link between the Magento Webshop and JD Edwards by Oracle.


illycaffè already had a webshop based on Magento. We have taken over the webshop and resolved all errors. The assortment was newly uploaded. With it came a helpsystem for the salesdepartment in order to settle telephone orders more easily.

Internetlinking with Oracle

In order to make a further success of the B2B webshop we have made a connection between the Magento Webshop and JD Edwards by Oracle. This way the whole orderingprocess is automated for the backoffice.


With the webshop we use our mediaserver in order to feed and make all sorts of media quickly, efficiently and failureproof.
From a catalogue to an advertisement and from an e-mail newsletter to presentations. And so forth.

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