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Marketing Technology

Because media are now more and more becoming digital we now call this marketing technology. It is a new buzzword but we think it is good to use the right vocabulary in order to explain the jargon. It is usefull in this respect to make a division. In marketing it is customary to use the terms paid, owned and earned media.

Digital Business

The world of business and services has changed rapidly the last ten years. And there is no argument against that. Our physical economy has gained its counterpart, the digital economy. Ten years ago people used to call it “the second economy“. Well nowadays we can be sure in calling it the first.

Digital Marketing

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could measure in “real-time” whether your marketingefforts deliver the results that you had in mind.

Nowadays that’s possible! 

Strategic advice

We are the strategic partner for our customers. We help them set the right goals in order to achieve the growth they want to accomplish for themselves. This is mainly done within the digital economy which for itself has grown the last decade and will continue to grow in the future.
But how to make sense of all the internet jargon and let alone understand where there are the opportunities and threats in the digital world.
Well, that is just our strength. To explain all of this to you in a crystal clear manner. And to help you translate it for your strategic goals.

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If you whish we can make a strategyplan for your company. This is a good method to put your companies marketingtechnology into perspective. As outsider we will put world wide digital developments next to your companies digital experience and let them see to you. By doing so structures and relations within your company are looked at from a different angle and this can be helpfull.
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Digital Marketing

What it all brings together for you are growth, turnover and profit. Changes for these are revolutionised because of the digital economy. We can measure and quantify everything nowadays. Up to the individual level. We see where your customers come from. From e-mail newsletters, the fysical shop, the webshop, banners, Google, advertisements, social media, etcetera. And we immediately see whether it works and if the investment is worthwhile. Will we continue this, do we expand or stop it?

If there is no yield than we can quickly invest into something else. We can even work towards an optimum so all marketing efforts have there maximum yield. This makes digital marketing something unique and it is a perfect new way to improve turnover, profit and growth.

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