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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could measure in “real-time” whether your marketingefforts deliver the results that you had in mind. Nowadays that’s possible! Because of todays digitization of the economy and society we see that contacts with customers are more and more digital contacts. With 80% of all purchases made there is at some moment research or search online. And in some branches the purchase has shifted to the online world almost completely.

Digital marketing as a term seems to refer to complete digital mediachannels. This is confusing because this is incorrect. We already use words for that, like internet marketing and online marketing. With digital marketing we mean making everything measurable and in time measure all marketinggoals in Key Performance Indicators, KPI’s For that you can use a mix of mediachannels in the new as well as the old media. For example advertisments, banners, Adwords. Or websites, webshops, e-mail newsletters or flyers for instance. But also social media, comparison websites or free publicity. There is an infinite choice for you.

To fill in all these chosen media it is important to have the content. And a lot of content. Therefore we speak of contentmarketing or rather contentmanagement. Questions we have to ask are. Which content do we have already? Should we have? Or must be made (by ourselves or others)? This is about text, products, images, animations, film, news. But also stockamounts, offers, prices etc. In short all that we need to have in order to make a small advertisments up to a large webshop.

And then we can start to measure! Where does the user come from? E-mail, Google Adword, Google search, Facebook etc. And what does the client do. What pages is he looking at, what is he filtering, does he add something to his shopping cart? And the most important thing. Does the client find what he is looking for, what he wants? Do all these visitors generate turnover, growth and profit? And how much? If we know all of this than we can improve, extend and achieve more growth in the end.

This is what is so new and unique about Digital Marketing. Your advertising and communication is now so measurable and therefore so effective like it has never been before. That is why you have to start with it today!

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is now at the top of the marketingsociety. In de last 15 to 20 years advertisment and mediaproduction was put upsidedown completely because of the computer. And now it is up to Marketing.

Next to this you see a short video by McKinsey which explains “digital marketing” in simple terms. However it has a high information density. Looking at it more than once can help. The original video you will find: Mastering digital marketing

Decision Journey

The last few years saw the more and more taking of initiative by the client when it comes to advertising and communication. The ‘old’ media are becoming less effective because the client doesn’t use them anymore. And with the ‘new’ media you must be present everywhere. Just in order to be sure that your client sees you and he takes your company in to consideration when he wants to buy something.

This new concept is clearly explained it The Consumer Decision Journey The new purchasingmodel made by McKinsey, which is now accepted and seen as standard. For Business-to-Business, read: Do you really understand how your business customers buy?

Marketing then

Marketing now

Digital Marketing is the opposite of the way we used marketing in the past. You started by defining the targetgroup. For that group of customers you would make products, services and offers. And periodically you would try to reach that audience by using there media.

After that you could only wait in order to see whether that customer would come to you. Only in turnover you could see whether the campaign or flyer had worked.

Now it is different. We know which products and services are doing well in the market, we can measure that. And if someone, regardless if he or she is in a certain targetgroup is on the lookout than we make sure that he or she sees us by the use of a multitude of mediachannels. We now can see what the user is looking for, uses as a filter, searches for and we show him the fitting products or services. And if we don’t have these, than we go and sitdown in order to make it for that customer. We do this because there is obvious a demand for in the market. We make something for everyone. In short the opposite of past Marketing.

Big Data or the Right Data

The vision of eBay

And with it comes a new sort of marketing. And the last years this is becoming more clear. Because of digitisation we can now collect and measure. This is called Big Data. It is the making of large datastorages in which structures and patterns can be recognised. And this can deliver a whole treasure chest for marketingpurposes.

With this data we can pull back the initiative from the customer to the company. With the goal to supply the customer with what het wants and when het wants it. And for every client seperately. With it comes new knowledge and skills. You have to be able to collect the right data and ask the right questions to the data. Only then this treasure chest opens!

On this page you will find short videos of an interview with Devin Wenig, CEO of eBay. He expresses his clear view on the future of retail. The original you will find at: How digital is transforming retail: The view from eBay

Media Channels

It is essential that this new digital marketing can only thrive when the right mediachannels are chosen. Words like multi-channel marketing, omni-channel marketing, cross channel marketing, are probably known. They all say the same: namely via which media can I reach my customer or how can the customer reach me. The McKinsey model talks about “touchpoint”. Moments of interaction with the client. Here we can talk about old or new media, but much more useful is the division into: Paid Media, Owned Media and Earned Media.

Old and New Media

The paid mediachannels are probably the best known and common.These are advertisment, commercials (radio and television) and outdoor. But also banneradvertisments, Google Adwords on the internet etc. Related to these are the owned mediachannels These are the websites, webshops, but also flyers, brochures and catalogues. And for the earned mediachannels there is a big hype going on. Because these are the social mediachannels, review sites and the ranking that Google gives us at the searchresults. But you must also think about ‘old’ public relations. For example a piece a journalist has written about us or a piece that we sent ourselves and was placed in a magazine. Seen like that social media are no more than the new channel for public relations.


Mediachannels for remarketing deserve special attention. These are mainly bought media which you re-use because we know who is at the other side of the screen. This is known to us because this potential client has been on your website and was identified at that time. These are for example the advertisments that seem to follow you, only because you have once visited a website. Complete other websites suddenly show advertisments of the site that you had previously and only shortly visited because you showed an interest.

It becomes clear that this remarketing generates up to 40% purchase success. This is because there is a need for it. Although often it is seen as somewhat rude. We measure what the user saw, searched for, filtered or on which page he stayed the longest time.

And then we only remarket those products of services. Just only give the user where there was a real interest for. You can not sell to a client something where he has no need for. You must give a client what he is interested in and what he needs. He is the one who decides to buy it or not.

To measure is to know

Measuring is the essence of digital marketing. To measure is to know, and nowadays we can really measure everything. With that we can also judge all media expenses by effectiveness and efficiency. That is new and unique. We can regain initiative. We only invest in media that contribute, that deliver more that there costs and that make that we achieve our marketing- and businessgoals. These are possibilities with which you want to start right away rather than tomorrow. And together with us!


Of course a lot has to be done before all this is in practice. But it starts with choosing a strategic partner with whom you can set up and realize the goals in the coming years. And a businesspartner that can make, build, purchase and settle all the desired mediachannels for your business. From the strategy to every day practice. Only with such people you can set up this digital marketing for your company. It will be in a continuous process of measuring and evaluating, adapting and changing. And there is no better way to generate growth, turnover and profit!


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