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Visual Product Configuration

What You See Is What You Get

Business has become a digital journey. So much so, that the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning raises the question how business will be organized in the future.

Commerce has also become a journey full with digital touchpoints if not digital from start till end, called eCommerce.

Products are not physical in this journey, they are numbers, specifications and images. Often searchable or categorized for the customer to be able to find what they are looking for.

What are Digital Products?

What are Virtual Products?

As mentioned above, the product has become fully digital. A data-set of specifications like sizes, pixels, colours, materials, etc. An endless variety of information for the customer to be able to select between the various choices on offer.

 The visual aspect needs special attention, to let the customer see what he or she is looking for and buying. How fabrics look and colours. From all angles. And when the product becomes more complex, the visualization becomes a problem, due to the sheer amount of possibilities and work needed to photograph this. And also to have to produce products for this. That is why making a virtual product from your digital product is a good and cheap option.

Digital products can also be visualized digitally too. This can be done by making a virtual product. Many products have, or are produced starting of as a 3D model. This 3D model can also be rendered to make it look like the real product or a photograph of the product. And no real physical product is needed for this.

This 3D model of the product can be used to also place fabrics and colours onto. Also completely in a digital virtual world. Also the variants, the product options never have to be made, just utilize the 3D model and the customer can click on the options and see the virtual product change according to the options and choices made on the website or webstore.

Create anything

In this way you can create the most complex of products or an endless array of options, colours, sizes, fabric choices, or whatever. The possibilities are truly endless. And this is exactly what we do for our clients with our 360 Product Viewer solution platform.

Please visit the 360 Product Viewer website and see what amazing solutions we have created and some examples of how some of our clients have implemented this.


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